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Adopt an Alpaca

Caring for these beauties can be costly and time consuming.  At New Groove Alpacas our alpacas are treated like family.  They get top quality grain, hay and medical care. But it takes more than that to care for these animals.  Any of the alpacas here at NGA are available for “adoption”.  By adopting one of our alpacas, you will be contributing to the overall health and well being of your chosen alpaca. Proceeds collected thru this program go directly to food, shelter, vet care, maintenance, training and the overall health of your adopted animal.

The Adoption fee is $250.  What you will receive is a certificate of adoption (valid for one year) for your chosen animal, an  8 x 10 photo of your adopted animal suitable for framing, monthly private scheduled visits with your alpaca including haltering and interacting with your alpaca and learning about alpaca care all while enjoying the beautiful historic property that is our farm.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to reserve your favorite animal now.

ADOPT AN ALPACA makes a great holiday gift for your family member who is crazy about

alpacas but has no place to keep one.

If you are considering alpacas and want some real life experience to help you decide, this program will give you the experience you need.  



Updated December 05, 2020